Importer of Destructive Devices & Dealer of High Explosives

Explosives Delivered at a Fraction of The Cost!


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Tactical and Energetics Solutions can provide your agency’s entry team with the explosives you need at a fraction of the cost. Compare our prices to your current distributors and you will see for yourself.

Did you know that you are paying up to $10.00 a mile for the transportation / shipping of High Explosives to your agency? Give us a call for a quote and we will offer a price SHIPPED that will beat our competition.

Shipping costs can be further reduced by combining orders with other agencies in your area. Agencies local to Tactical and Energetics Solutions, can pick up your shipments at our magazine location or arrange for us to deliver to you depending on the size of your order.

(Prices are based on availability and subject to change but we beat our competition every time)

Tactical & Energetic Solutions offers a variety of RDX and PETN based Plastic Bonded Explosives and other explosive products to meet your agency's needs.